Class 3 Greek Temple Cake

Class 3 Edith’s Wartime Scrapbook

Class 3 Whitwell Hall and Goblin Racing Photographs


Welcome to the world to our new chicks! I was greeted on Monday morning by lots of exciting chirping! We had missed all the hatching as all 10 pecked their way out over the weekend. However, we’ll forgive them because they are just so cute! We’re all enjoying getting to know the fluffy newcomers and, over the next few weeks, we will have to go about the difficult business of naming them!

Dr Leggett, bacteria science talk

As part of our Topic on Living Things, Class 3 have been learning about microorganisms. We were lucky to have a visit from Helen, a scientist who specialises in studying bacteria. She taught us lots of interesting things about harmful and helpful bacteria. She brought some bacteria in for us to look at. We couldn’t see it but we could see the trail it had left in the Petri dish! She also showed us some fruit flies munching on mushy banana. A bit disgusting but very interesting!


Story Telling Workshop