Classes and Curriculum

St Faiths’ Primary School – Curriculum Statement

At St Faiths’ we teach in mixed-aged classes. We have created a rich, varied and inter-woven school curriculum to meet our children’s needs. It reflects where the children come from and provides an excellent base for their future schooling and adult life. The curriculum at St Faiths’ uses the National Curriculum as its foundation. By using this as our starting point, we have been able to ensure that our children study areas in depth, in order to secure their knowledge and understanding while providing plenty of opportunity for the children to apply what they have learnt.

Classes Curriculum Intent

Elm Class - Reception and Year 1 - Miss Cunningham 

Chestnut Class - Years 2 & 3 - Miss Woolley

Oak Class - Years 4 & 5 - Miss Bean

Willow - Year 6 - Miss Wilson

Please find a more detailed Curriculum Intent document here:

Curriculum Intent 

Long-Term Curriculum Overviews

Elm Class

Chestnut Class

Oak Class

Willow Class


Parent Overviews

Curriculum Overview​

Autumn  Spring Summer

Curriculum Overview 2021

Curriculum Overview 2021

Curriculum Overview 2022

Curriculum Overview 2022

Skills Progression Maps

Early Years Foundation Subjects (EYFS)

Skills Map

Statement of Christian Distinctiveness

Core Subjects

Subject Skills Map Christian Distinctiveness Supporting Documents
English Download View Here

 Appendix 1 - KS1 Reading VIPERS

Appendix 2 - KS2 Reading VIPERS

Appendix 3 - Harnser-Grammar Progression

Appendix 4 - Harnser-Spelling Progression

Appendix 5 - St Faiths' Interventions

Appendix 6 - St Faiths' English LTP

Phonics Download  

Reception Breakdown

Year 1 Breakdown

Year 2 Breakdown

Mathematics Download View Here Calculation Policy 
Science Download View Here Topic-Specific Vocabulary


Foundation Subjects

Subject Skills Map Christian Distinctiveness Supporting Documents
Art and Design Download View Here  
Computing Download View Here  
Design Technology Download View Here  
Foreign Languages Download Soon View Here  
Geography Download View Here  
History Download View Here  
Let's Think in English (LTE) Download View Here  
Music Download View Here  
Personal, Health and Social Education (PSHE) Download View Here  
Physical Education (PE) Download View Here  
Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) Download View Here Diocese Statement of RSE 
Religious Education (RE) Download View Here 2019 Norfolk Agreed RE Syllabus 


End of Year Expectations

Parent Expectations Leaflet Reception

Parent Expectations Leaflet Year 1

Parent Expectations Leaflet Year 2

Parent Expectations Leaflet Year 3

Parent Expectations Leaflet Year 4

Parent Expectations Leaflet Year 5

Parent Expectations Leaflet Year 6