Pastoral Support and Parent Area

Support your child with reading

Reading is one of the most important skills your child will learn at school. Read our leaflet which includes ideas about how you can help you childs reading outside of school.

Parent Support Advisor

A Parent Support Advisor (PSA) is available to help, support and advise parents and carers who have worries or concerns about their children.

Just One Norfolk

Just One Number 0300 300 0123

The Just One Number team can help you get advice about your child, contact a health professional and help with appointment changes. Just call 0300 300 0123.



Parental Behaviour Policy 

Parental Behaviour Policy 

Zero Tolerance Policy 


Pastoral Support Information

Nebula Federation Pastoral Support and Therapeutic Interventions


Natalie Brown – Pastoral Manager

1:1 emotional wellbeing support for children. Natalie often takes on longer term cases or cases requiring holistic support for the whole family. Reasons for referral include family separation, low self-esteem, self confidence building, resilience, anger management, bereavement, anxiety, self-harm, Child Protection or Child In Need and families with an FSP.

PSA – working with parents and families as a whole to provide support around a range of issues including attachment, parenting skills/approaches, low income/benefits/housing advice, attendance. Natalie also runs groups for parents focusing on parenting skills.

Michelle Ratcliffe – Pastoral Support

1:1 emotional wellbeing support for children. Michelle works across the Federation providing support to children for a range of issues including parental separations, attitude to learning, bereavement, social skills, low self-esteem, confidence building and anger management. Michelle’s work is targeted and generally more short term where appropriate. Michelle is able to engage with parents where necessary but the focus of her work is with the children directly.

Cathy Fiddy – Mindfulness and Play Therapy

Cathy runs Mindfulness sessions with groups of up to 6 children for 7 weeks. The sessions are 30 minutes in length and are experiential. Each child is invited to cultivate their mindfulness practice through mindful breathing, bodies, listening, exploring emotions, feelings and thoughts, gratitude, loving kindness – to self and others, engagement of their 5 senses and mindful eating. Mindfulness is about being aware of your present moment experience, as it arises, in a non-judgemental way. Accepting your experience as it unfolds without trying to change it. Some of the benefits of mindfulness are; cultivation of a sense of awareness, an increased sense of calm and focus, ability to notice and regulate emotions and noticing/allowing thoughts to pass-by without attachment. Each child is invited to complete a mindful journal which they are welcome to take home after the 7 weeks if they choose to.

Cathy is currently training to be a Play Therapist and is completing her training work based with us. Whilst training Cathy is able to provide Play Therapy to children in Horsford and St Faith’s.

Michelle Bellamy – Behaviour Support

Michelle provides behavioural support across the Federation for one day per week. She works with staff and children to put together Behaviour Plans where necessary and looks at strategies to support behaviour. She also supports children with their social and emotional wellbeing which can impact on their behaviour.

Kathy Rutland – Confidence Through Craft at White Woman Lane

Kathy works 1:1 with children once per week working through a range of issues such as low self-esteem, self-confidence, anxiety, self belief. Kathy’s work with children focusses on arts and crafts and is led by each child. She uses the time to get to know the children and to talk through issues which are tricky. Kathy asks the children to assess where they are currently and what they can do to get themselves to a better place.

Karen Alexander – Positive Play at White Woman Lane

1:1 or small group work based around building positive relationships, understanding social cues, building friendship skills, improving self-confidence and self-esteem. Karen works with children once per week and will facilitate games, arts and craft activities, work through targeted work books etc. Karen works with children both long and short term depending on need and children’s responses. Support is tailored and child led.


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