At Hainford we teach in mixed-aged and Key Stage classes. We celebrate the opportunities that this structure providers. We have created a rich, varied and inter-woven school curriculum to meet our learner's needs. It reflects where the children come from and provides an excellent base for their future schooling and adult life.


The curriculum at Hainford uses and builds upon the National Curriculum ensuring that children study areas in depth, in order to secure children's knowledge and understanding while providing plenty of opportunity for children to apply what they have learnt. At Hainford, we don't believe that Knowledge should be taught in isolated chunks or facts. We have therefore created a set of rigorously planned rolling overviews in order that children can apply their knowledge and skills across different subjects and in different contexts. To avoid tenuously-linked activities that have and an, 'activity for activity sake approach, each subject is planned discretely with subject specific knowledge and skills as starting point.

In-order for children to have a voice, KWL grids are used at the beginning of each deep study. Children are able to add in questions or possible areas of additional learning helping to provide a degree of ownership and therefore additional motivation.

To further children's motivation, an Inquiry approach is used. Pupils become experts by negotiating an imagined context. They can immerse themselves in a time in history, a geographical location or a story narrative through role-playing, questioning, directing and imagining.


We use in-depth 'deep studies' in science, Geography, Art, D&T and history, which are taken directly from the National Curriculum. Each study is planned  in depth to ensure subject-specific knowledge and skills are learnt in national Curriculum. Each study is planned in depth to ensure Subject-specific knowledge and skills are learnt national curriculum stipulated contexts. Consequently, these studies provide the majority of evidence  for assessment purposes. Children's work, including written pieces, produced during these subjects enables them to demonstrate their knowledge and skills specially for that subject. Work is marked to reflect this.

On occasions deep-studies might appear more than once in different classes; these studies comprises of different knowledge and skills focuses.

As we have an inter-woven curriculum, children will also have many opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills that they have learnt in their deep studies. For example while children are studying the achievements of the earliest civilizations through the Egyptians, they will be able to apply their geographical knowledge of rivers to the importance of the river Nile.


Knowledge and skills focus would still be predominately history focused.

Finally, we carefully plan educational visits, visitors and programmes such as: Shakespeare in school, Charlie Charlie one and goblin racer. These projects enrich our curriculum. 




In addition to this the school follows the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. Parents who do not what their child to take part in Religious Education lessons or in collective acts of worship should express their wishes in writing to the Headteacher.

Curriculum Maps and Rolling Curriculum   2021/22

Classes  2021/2022 Autumn

Class 1

Year R/1

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Class 2

Year 2/3

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Class 3

Year 4,5,6

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3 Year Rolling Programme

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 Year 5 & 6  Parent Map Autumn 1


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Parent Map Summer 1 Year 5 & 6

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Parent Map Summer 2 Year 5 & 6



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English   Overview

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Phonics Policy

Phonics LTP 2021/22

 Approach to reading

Class 1 Phonics overview 

LTE Skills amd Progression

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Academic Breakdown for Phonics 2021-22 Year R

Academic Breakdown for Phonics 2021-22 Year 1 

Academic Breakdown for Phonics 2021-22 Year 2

  Phonics LTP 2021-22 


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