Year 4 cycle training with Norfolk County Council


Welcome to the world to our new chicks! I was greeted on Monday morning by lots of exciting chirping! We had missed all the hatching as all 10 pecked their way out over the weekend. However, we’ll forgive them because they are just so cute! We’re all enjoying getting to know the fluffy newcomers and, over the next few weeks, we will have to go about the difficult business of naming them!

Children’s University Graduation

Sprowston High School Technology Day

On Friday 10th March, Year 6 visited Sprowston High School for a technology day. We split into 3 groups and took part in cooking, textiles and woodwork activities.

We got the chance to make cookies and smoothies which, in our opinion, were all delicious! We made kites, using saws, lathes and files: a real challenge but really fun. We also used our new and improved sewing skills to make patterned bunting.

The day was really fun and gave us all a good taste of what High School would be like next year. It was lovely to see a few past pupils there too.


Adapted games

Class 1: Bookmaking

100 Days of School for Class 1

Class 1 Fairhaven School Trip