Online Safety

Each week we will be adding information to help you keep your child safe online. There will be ideas, tips and information about Apps that can be used.

Week 1 Click here 

Week 2 Click here

Week 3 Click here.

Week 4 Click here. This regarding a new app called Be Real

Week 5 Click here for guide on FIFA 23

Week 6 Click here for guide on the game 'OverWatch 2'

Week 7 Click here is all about Amigo

Week 8 Click here for more information regarding 'Online Bullying'

Week 9 Click here for more information on 'Call of Duty Modern Warfare'

week 10 Click here for information on 'Tiktok' which should be for children aged 13+

Week 11 Click here for general advice on social media and mental health.

Week 12 Click here for parents guide on setting Apps, Games and new software

Week 13 Click here guide on HiPal