School Dress Inc PE Kit

All children are asked to wear school uniform; we believe that it helps develop a sense of belonging for the children, as well as being practical, safe and comfortable for the wide range of activities the children encounter during a typical week at school. The full uniform is:

If you send you child to school with shoes that have laces then they MUST be able to tie them themselves for safety reasons.

P.E. Kit

In addition, your child must have a full change of ‘kit’ for P.E, (This includes socks and shoes) ready for each P.E. lesson.

All children require:

PE kits should be kept in school during the week as timetables can vary.

Uniform is available to purchase from online ordering

Accessories / Jewellery

Your child should not wear make-up, nail varnish or jewellery to school. We do not accept responsibility for lost or damaged jewellery worn in error. Watches and stud earrings are permitted but must be removed or covered for PE. Hats should be provided for your child to wear outside on sunny days.

In the interest of safety and in line with Norfolk County Council policy, we ask pupils not to wear jewellery or shoes with high heels or platforms. Pupils with pierced ears may wear plain studs but they must be able to remove them themselves before PE and swimming. 


If you wish to send your child with a water bottle then it must only contain water. Water infuser bottles are fine for pupils to use as long as only fresh fruit is infused and changed daily. Please encourage your child to drink as much as they can during warmer periods.

Please mark ALL items of clothing clearly with your child’s name.