Hello, We are Hainford VC Primary School PTA, we help the school by organising  lots of fun events like discos, quiz nights and school shops to name a few. You will also see us holding tea and coffee sales at special events like the Christmas nativity and teddy bears picnic for our new intake. So far this year 2019, we have been fundraising for a new stage for the children to perform their Christmas play, leavers paly etc. . Also re landscape the area under the canopy near the mobile, so this can be used all year round (as its bit  muddy in winter), we also supply a Christmas present to every child delivered by the Man in Red himself!!!

We also support the school by contributing to school trips, providing funds for books and math program subscriptions to support children's learning. We have a Facebook page and we welcome any new ideas and new parents and carers to join us. If you would like to chat to us please do so- in person, or via Facebook.

See you around

Donna Moore AKA Willow and Poppy's mum (Chairperson)

Louise Dean ( secretary)

Fiona Pamment   (Vice Chair)

Melanie McCullough  (Treasurer)

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