Paths at Frettenham Primary School

 Paths Programme: Increasing Self-Esteem


The PATHS pupil of the Day Every day, a different child from each class will be chosen to be the PATHS Pupil of the Day. The PATHS Pupil will get special privileges throughout the day and will receive a series of compliments from their teacher and his/her classmates. The PATHS Pupil will give himself/herself a compliment (will say something that he/she is proud of or likes about himself/herself). Their teachers will write these compliments on a Compliment List, which the child will keep and take home.

 What can you do at home?

  1. Ask your child, “Who was the PATHS pupil today?”
  2. When your child brings home the Compliments List, read it with your child and add a compliment of your own. Display the Compliment List in a special place where others can see it (for example, on the fridge). Send it back to school and we will copy it for you.
  3. Some families like to start their own compliment time at home. In some families, members exchange compliments every night after dinner.
  4. Remember to give your child compliments and explain why you think these things