Parent Support Advisor

“What is a Parent Support Advisor?”

A Parent Support Advisor (PSA) is there to help, support and advice parents and carers who have worries or concerns about their children.

“What could a PSA help me with?”

A PSA could offer support in a range of situation, such as

  • when your child is moving school
  • supporting you when you have to go into school
  • wanting advice and support with your child’s behaviour at home or at school
  • your child not wanting to attend school or attendance difficulties
  • any other issue you may have relating to your child that you would like support with

“How do I contact you?”

You can call me to make an appointment or just to chat on 07515 866700.

I may not have all the answers, but I might be able to help you work things out, or help you find someone who could help you more.

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