Class 1 Hainford

Summer term: Hainford - Class 1 Miss Cunningham

Week 1 - W/C 20/04/2020

Letter about home learing 20/04/2020

Lesson Plan W/C 20/04/2020

Week 2 - W/C 27/04/2020

Lesson Plan 27/04/2020

Class one Miss Riches

Week 3 - W/C 4/05/2020

Lesson Plan 4/05/2020

Week 4 - W/C 11/05/2020

Lesson Plan 11/05/2020

Week 5 - W/C 18/05/2020

Lesson plan 18/05/2020

Summer 2 - Hainford  Miss Amy Riches

Week 1 - W/C 1.06.2020

Lesson Plan W/C 1.06.2020

Ideas to support your EYFS child:

EYFS Home Learning Pack - Practical Ideas


Ideas to support your Year 1 child:

Year 1 Home Learning Pack

Year 1 Home Learning - Practical Ideas

Year 1 Home Learning Parent Guidance and Answers


Class 1 - Work from Stacey Frettenham  for Reception and Year 1 

Task 1- Early years pack(Hainford access too)

Task 2- KS1 Activity pack( Hainford access too)

Task 3- Cardboard rocket

Task 4-Easter Scavenger Hunt

Task 5-Nature Detectives

Task 6 -Cut and Stick sentence ordering

Task 7 -Message from stacey

Task 8-Table spoon

Class 1 home learning 

Class creative writing 

Year 1 home learning 

Year 1 home learning 


Class 1 work From  Miss Cunningham Hainford

Phonics related work

100 High frequency words Powerpoint

Next 200 High frequency words PowerPoint

Phase 2 home learning challenges

Phase 3 home learning challenges

Phase 4 home learning challenges

Phase 5 home learning challenges

Year 1

SPAG Mat activities

Home learning reading tasks

Home learning math tasks

Home learning science (animals including humans)

Home learning science (everyday materials)



Early learning goals parents/cares guide

Early learning goals activities to try at home

Home learning maths tasks

Home learning farm writing pictures

Home learning Spring writing activities

Creative activities for all to try:

Table spoon biscuit recipe

Paper plate craft

Make an emoji

Cardboard tube rocket

Miss Cunningham will be regularly available via tapestry for any questions


 Online survey for parents to complete with their child


See Something, Hear Something, Say Something campaign

Poster 1

Poster 2 

Poster 3 

Poster 4